Editing and Proofreading Services

proofreader editor reviewer translator Editing and proofreading is an essential step for any writers at all level should take into consideration. Seemingly little mistakes can put a dent in your write up, and as such, we provide standardized proofreading and editing services to check for spellings, grammars or syntactic errors.

We offer first-class editing and proofreading services, and we check for grammar, spellings, styles that will make your documents flawless. Our proofreading and editing services are carried out by seasoned revisers in English, French or any other languages.

Single Language Proofreading

Whether you are a newbie in writing on an aspiring writer or you have an expertise in the art of writing, many times, a lot of your mistakes will not be spotted by you, thus the need for a professional proofreader and editor that can improve the quality of any texts regardless of the writing style, tone or grammar. We work on your documents to eliminate mistakes, improve the readability, precision, and consistency of your write up.

Bilingual Proofreading

With bilingual proofreading and editing service, we don’t only focus on the final translation, we consider the original text as well, and we duly take time to have a comparison between the documents we have worked on and the one submitted to us by our clients; all these in a bid to improve the quality of your writing. Bilingual proofreading ensures that any forms of errors such as unnecessary additions or mistranslations, omission, etc. are detected and removed. We guarantee the fluidity of your translations.

Document Proofreading

There are some documents with a need for editorial revisions before being sent to the publishing house or printing press. Documents like this do not require any significant changes in the form of terminologies or styles. We only make corrections regarding typographical errors, spellings, word usage and grammatical errors. The completion of revision signifies that the text is ready for printing.

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