We also offer interpretation in Singapore in addition to translation and subtitling in any languages. We have interpreters in various language combinations in many Asian cities.

For our clients who would love to enjoy interpretation and guide while traveling abroad, we have interpreters that can accompany you on your traveling as guides.

Interpretation in Singapore

For your next meetings, conferences, presentations, seminars, trade shows, and negotiations, Asiatis agency in Singapore can povide you with in-booth simultaneous, consecutive, or liaison interpreting thanks to our asian-wide network of professional interpreters.

Types of Interpretation

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: The interpreter’s voice talks over the speaker’s voice and translates what the speaker is saying almost simultaneously;
  • Consecutive Interpretation: When the speaker pauses at regular interval during his or her speech, the interpreter translates what the speaker is saying
  • Liaison Interpretation: the interpreter helps ease and enhance smooth communication between a few people who may know a bit of each other’s language.
  • Whispered Interpretation:  This mode of interpretation is almost obsolete and only used in very specific occasion. Whispering interpreting is considered as a version of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter listens to the speaker and whispers the message to listeners. For a whispering interpreter it is not possible to interpret for more than two listeners at a time. It is much less distracting for participants than traditional whispered interpretation.


Simultaneous interpreting involves a team of professional interpreters. Interpreters are given a sound proof booth. An interpreter listens to the speaker on the earphone and interprets simultaneously while the speaker continues speaking and delivers the message through the microphone. Simultaneous interpreters must work in pairs for any event over two (2) hours.

Whatever your needs, our interpreters will faithfully translate verbal exchanges in minute detail, which in turn will help you strengthen your international relationships.

We ensure that our interpreters are thoroughly prepared in advance by consulting with the event planner and reviewing your file and relevant documents so as to guarantee high-quality service.



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Free quote for Interpretation Services

To provide you with a comprehensive interpretation quote, we will need the following preliminary information:

  • Source and target languages
  • Date and schedule of the event
  • Address of the event
  • Subject matter to be discussed
  • Type of interpretation service needed (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison)
  • Number of participants you’re expecting at your event