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Arabic interpreter and translatorThe demand for Arabic translation and interpretation has increased massively in Singapore in recent years, thanks to the stronger relationship between the people from the Middle East living and plying their trades in Singapore. Business exchange and economic transaction has improved considerably as well.
Do you reside in Singapore? Are you looking forward to the translation of your Arabic texts or documents in different languages? Asiatis agency is the best place to contact for your professional Arabic language translation and Arabic interpretation.
For translation including English-Arabic, Arabic to English, Arabic -Chinese or Chinese to Arabic, we have vast and highly talented translators and interpreters with mastery in their respective areas of specialization who will translate all your documents. Fields such as legal, technical, commercial, website translation are fully covered by our team of experts.
As the rule of thumb, our agency only allows our translators and interpreters to take charge of documents in their mother’s tongue to make the document more accurate and precise.

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Brief History of the Arabic Language

Native to the Arabic Peninsula, the Arabic language (العربية, al ʿarabīya) is originally spoken by the Arabs. Considered a Semitic language, Arabic is spoken across many continents and by non-Arab societies. It also serves as the official language of many international organizations. Statistically, there 240 million Arabic speakers in the world with Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, and others  hosting the largest percentage of Arabic speakers closely followed by North African countries like Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and many others.
Arabic language exists in two forms; dialectical Arabic and literary (or classical) Arabic.
The Arab countries formed a federation called the Leagues of Arab States on March 22, 1945 which was hosted in Alexandria, Egypt.