With a reputation for healthy cultural mix, the Dutch are known to have a strong friendly relationship with their host nations whenever they travel of out of their country seeking as expats. The Dutch whether working, on a business trip or permanently residing in Singapore are no exception.
Are you a native Dutch speaker presently in Singapore? Do you have a need to have your documents translated from and into Dutch? Then Asiatis is the best place to contact.
They have a very high demand for Dutch translations and interpretations every year due to the high number of native Dutch speakers in Singapore.

Dutch Translation by Dutch Translators
Dutch translators and interpreters

Dutch translator and interpreterAsiatis has a large team of professional English-Dutch, Dutch-English translators and interpreters with unrivaled proficiency in their area of expertise. Do you have any documents to translate in Singapore? Documents such as legal writings, commercial or technical documents, CV/resume, website contents and patency are well within our capability to perfectly translate.
As our custom, we only allow native speakers to handle documents so as to deliver a premium job.

For Dutch speakers who will be having a need for interpretation, we have vast and highly experienced interpreters who render their services in local languages. They will be available to be your mouthpiece or serve as a tour guide or professional interpreters in meetings, conferences, school and every other occasion you attend in Singapore.

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Brief History of the Dutch Language

The Dutch language originated from West Germanic language derived from the Frankish language. There are 28 million Dutch speakers globally with around 22 million constituting the native speakers.
Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, also called Holland. This false appellation stems from the names of two of the most well-known provinces in the country: North and South Holland.