It is no surprise to see a lot of Maltese living in Singapore. Singapore’s investment in knowledge acquisition has resulted in it becoming one of the countries with the world healthiest industrial economies, thus Maltese can be found in Singapore trying to learn the ropes of growing a relatively small nation in terms of land mass.
This has contributed massively to a higher demand for translations from and into Maltese. Also business growth and economic exchange is gradually increasing between Maltese and Singapore and so is the need for translation service for better relationship.

Maltese Translators and Interpreters

Maltese translator and interpreterFor the Maltese presently living and conducting their business activities in Singapore, Asiatis is Singapore number on translation service provider in Singapore, thanks to their team of highly skilled and experienced translators and interpreters. This network vast network of professional English-Maltese and Maltese-English translators and interpreters are experts in accurately delivering translation for any documents.
Do you want to translate website content, legal writing, technical documents, commercials, and patency? Name it, we have got you covered.
In order to provide you with the topnotch services, our professional translators and interpreters only render their services in their native languages.

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Brief History of the Maltese Language

The Republic of Malta is an island state located in the middle of the Mediterranean, some 80 km south of Sicily and 230 km north of Africa. Maltese finally became the island’s official language in 1934 alongside English. Ever since, English has remained an official language, but Maltese is classified as the national language by the constitution. Ninety-five percent of the islanders speak Maltese, a variation of Siculo-Arabic that is written using Latin script.

As of the year 2012, there are officially 520,000 native Maltese speakers in the world.