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German translator and interpreterGerman translation in Singapore continues to be needed on a regular basis for many businesses, irrespective of the niche. The need for translations from and to German is quite a massive quantity of work for us due to Germany economy status.
German is a language that is spoken and used regularly by over 185 million people all over the world. Of these, around 105 million are native speakers of the tongue. The language is considered as one of the official languages in the European Union (EU). This is because over 70% of the people in the EU speak, write, and correspond in German on a day-to-day basis
Submitting company profiles, proposals, business plans and other documents that are in English to German companies is fine, of course-but you have to be willing to wait a long time before receiving a response from the company. This is because if you do not provide readily translated documents, then the company itself has to have the documents translated. This results in a lot of wasted time and delayed business opportunities.
Our teams of expert translators are highly skilled in their respective chosen fields and conveniently handle translations from German-French, French-German, French-German, German-English, English-German for all types of documents such as commercial, technical, legal, patents and website contents. To get the best output, our translators only handle projects in their native languages.

Brief History of the German Language

Spoken by over 100 million people in Europe and European Union, German also called Deutch is one of the most generally spoken languages.
Many people utilize the Internet to do research, find contacts, and do translations. However, the online translation tools that are made available on the Web are limited in functionality. Most of these translators can only manage to do literal or word-per-word translations. These translators do not take into account grammar rules, proper word usage, and expressions and idioms that only native Germans and German translation providers are familiar with.
The result from doing word-by-word translations and employing German translation services will show a marked difference in the final work. The former will result in choppy sentences that might not make sense when read all at once. Presenting such erroneous documents to future business partners not only looks unprofessional, but it could also result in some confusion or misunderstandings that might cause your deal to fall through.
The certified German translator at Asiatis delivers German translation services in a professional manner.


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