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French interpreter and translatorFrench language has been one of the most popular official working languages of many international organizations like the United Nations, European Union and the Red Cross. Such widespread use of French by international organizations involves writing of business proposals and plans, holding meetings and arbitration in French language. With such ample operations involving French language, the need for a French language translator in Singapore becomes very obvious and essential.

Automated translation tools cannot do justice to this most beautiful and euphonious of languages. Such translations can only produce word-for-word texts but fail when language needs to be idiomatic and descriptive. Poor translations mean poor business reputations.

English to French and French to English translation has come of age and only the best translators and translation agencies need to be considered. Of course we also do : Chinese to French and French to Chinese translations.

We have an increase in request for translation from and into and it constitutes a significant task for our agency. We have our offices in Paris, France, and Montreal, Canada as well.

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French Translation by French Translators

French translators and interpreters

For anyone requiring the service of translators or interpreters in Singapore, we have vast and proficient translators who major in their areas of expertise. They can help you translate all your documents such as website, technical documents, legal texts and commercial documents. Our translators only handle translations that require their native language to deliver excellent work.

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Brief History of the French language

French, considered romance language is the native language of several countries in the world. It is primarily spoken in France, it’s country of origination (“Langue d’Oïl”), Wallonie and Brussels, both in Belgium, some provinces in Canada (namely Quebec, but also Ontario, Manitoba and New Brunswick), Luxemburg where it serves as one of the country’s three official languages and also Switzerland having it as one of the country’s four official languages.

French ranks as the second most crucial language as per international negotiation in the world. A recent conducted in 2005 recorded people who speak French globally to be 175 million.