English Translation in Singapore, English Interpreters in Singapore

English Translation in Singapore, English Interpreters in Singapore

English translator and interpreter

The demand for English translation and interpretation has soared considerably in Singapore in the past years; this is achieved due to the strength of relationships between Singapore and other English speaking countries such as the United States of America, England, Australia and Canada. Also, business exchange and economic transaction has increased greatly.

Do you reside in Singapore, on a business trip, tourism or vacation? Are you looking forward to the translation of your English texts or documents in different languages? Asiatis agency offers premium translation for your professional English language documents. We also provide native Singapore language speakers that can serve as interpreters or guides during research, tourism and official functions.

For translation including Spanish-English, English to English to French, English – Singapore languages, French to English and a lot more, we will provide quality translations to our English speakers in Singapore.
Our agency considers it a massive undertaking to translate English from and to any languages. We have our office in Singapore and we are committed to providing our numerous customers the best of our services.

English Translation by English Translators, English translator and interpreter

We have a vast network of professional English translators and interpreters that are proficient in their respective fields of interests. They will effectively and accurately translate your legal, commercial or technical documents, patents or websites.
To deliver the highest quality of work, our professional English translators for Singapore only translate into their native languages.

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Brief History of the English Language

There are approximately 341 million native English speakers globally.  Another 508 million people speak English as their second language as well in more than 60 countries where it has attained the rank of official or co-official language. In Singapore, English is widely accepted and is even adopted as the official language in many cities in Singapore as well as the language for international business transaction.