Tamil Interpreters and translators in Singapore

Tamil translator and interpreter

Singapore is considered a great place with potential to earn for Tamil speakers that are non-native to Singapore. This includes people from India and Sri Lanka. Despite the fact that a lot of Singaporeans speak Tamil, it’s often unsurprising that some Sri Lankan and India carrying out their businesses in Singapore often require translation service for their documents. If you find yourself in Singapore and you need a translation or interpretation from and into Tamil, kindly check out Asiatis agency.
We offer translation services as well as interpretation for all Tamil speakers in Singapore; the Indians, Sri Lankans and many numerous other speakers from other countries.
Our agency faces a massive task in translating to and from Tamil primarily due to the high rate of economic and commercial exchanges between Singapore, India and Sri Lanka as corroborated by many online reports. Thanks to the strong relationship and agreement signings between Singapore, Sri Lanka and India. In coming years, it is projected that more Indians and Sri Lankans will dind their ways into Singapore for one purpose or the other.

Tamil Translation by Tamil Translators

Our teams of highly professional translators will translate from Tamil-English and English-Tamil. As usual, we ensure that only native translators for each language are allowed to undertake the project to guarantee top-quality delivery of legal writings, commercial or technical documents, patents, and websites.

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Brief History of the Tamil Language

Tamil, a Dravidian and therefore non-Indo-European language, has remained almost unchanged for more than 2,500 years. There are 74 million speakers of Tamil in the world, predominantly in India (notably the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu), Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Mauritius. Tamil is as well spoken by communities in Canada, Australia, France, etc. It is one of the official languages of Singapore and Sri Lanka.