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Korean and Japanese are few among the ancient languages existing in our world. There is a lot of ancient wealthy information written in these languages which play a vital role in today’s technological growth. If you deal with Korean clients or partners, it may still be hard for you to translate or interpret official documents. These days, there are so many companies providing translation and interpretation services, but it’s crucial to select the best among them all. Or else, there may be errors while translating documents from Korean to English.
The request for translations into and from Korean signifies a substantial volume of work for our agency because of the advance in economic and commercial relationships between Singapore and Korea. Indeed, business between Singapore and Korea has grown in China town, Orchard, Lavender, Marine Bay, Katong etc.
Are you looking for the best Korean- English or English to Korean translator in Singapore? Asiatis agency delivers error-free translations that precisely communicate the meaning of the original document. Our agency works under confidentiality agreements to ensure the privacy of the customer.

Korean Translation by Korean Translators

For all documents such as technical, legal, commercial, patent and website contents, we have proficient and certified translators that provide our clients with concise and accurate translation. At Asiatis, only native translators handle the translation services to offer our clients the best services.


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Brief History of the Korean Language

Regarding spoken language, North and South Korea are linguistically and ethnically unified as no languages can be considered a minor. Official reports state that 91% of South Koreans speak Korean, with minorities being mostly Chinese.
Apart from North Korea which has 20 million Korean speakers, over 2 million people in China speak Korean, mainly in provinces bordering Korea. There are also about 500,000 Korean speakers in Japan and Russia. Also, about 600,000 people in the United States speak Korean. Other Korean speaking communities are present in Singapore, Paraguay, Guam and, Thailand. There is an estimate of 78 million people who speak Korean globally.