Cebuano translator and interpreterSingapore is one of the most favorite destinations for the Filipinos seeking greener pastures abroad. Working and living in Singapore is an experience that many Filipinos look up to due to the stronger economy of Singapore.
There is a strong tie between Philippines and Singapore in terms of economic, culture and business exchange which results into an excellent relationship.
167,000 Filipinos are reported to be living in Singapore in 2013 while 460,000 Filipino tourists were reported to visit Singapore.

Thus, the demand for translations from and into Cebuano represents a significant amount of work for our agency because of the growth in economic and commercial exchanges between Singapore and the Philippines.
If you are a Filipino working or on a visit in Singapore, you will most likely require translation service from and into Filipino using many languages. For all your translation and interpretation services, Asiatis agency is your best bet

Cebuano Translation by Cebuano Translators

Our agency has a wide team of qualified English-Cebuano and Cebuano-English  translators and interpreters that are proficient in their respective fields of specializations. They will be able to excellently and precisely translate your legal, commercial or technical documents, as well as patents or websites.
Our professional translators only translate into their native language to guarantee premium translation and interpretation services.

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Brief History of Cebuano

The Cebuano (/sɛˈbwɑːnoʊ/) or Cebuan language (/sɛˈbuːən/ seh-BOO-ən) also usually informally referred to by most of its speakers simply as Bisaya (English translation: “Visayan”). It is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines by about 21 million people. It ranks as the second most-spoken language in the Philippines, after Tagalog. Most Cebuano speakers are concentrated in Biliran, Cebu, Bohol, Western and Southern Leyte, Siquijor, eastern Negros and most of northern and southeastern Mindanao. Cebuano language was massively influenced by Spanish language due to colonization.