Bengali interpreter and translatorThere are tens of thousands of native Bangladesh speakers living and earning their living in Singapore. A large proportion of Bangladesh citizens in Singapore are construction workers while some work in offices and as professionals in various fields.
Lately, there has been a massive demand for translations and interpretations in Singapore due to the strong economic and business exchanges between Bangladesh and Singapore.
As usual, Asiatis translation service is up to the task.
Are you a native Bengali speaker living in Singapore? Do you have a need for translation service for all types of documents from technical to patency, commercial, websites and technical?

Bengali Translation by Bengali Translators

Asiatis, with high reputation for ensuring that only native speakers of languages to be translated offer such service is the leading translation agency in Singapore. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver premium works. Our teams of certified translators accurately and perfectly translate from English-Bengali, Bengali-English.
We also have experienced interpreters in Bengali languages to numerous others and the most exciting thing about our interpreters is that they only render interpretations that are their mothers’ tongues.


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Brief History of the Bengali Language

Native to the region of Southeast Asia, Bengali (or bangla; local name: bāṅlā / বাংলা) is an eastern Indo-European language, and the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh, with roughly 140 million speakers. It is also the second most widely spoken language in India, with about 75 million speakers. It is the national language of Bangladesh and the official language of many Indian states like West Bengal, Tripura and certain districts of Assam.
Bengali is also spoken by a great number of communities in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. According to the 2003 Bangladesh Asian Society, approximately 230 million people worldwide recognized Bengali as their mother tongue.