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Subtitling services in Singapore

including the display of translation synchronized with the dialogue at the screen bottom.

There has been a continuous rise in the number of broadcasts, television channels, online shows (YouTube), business films in Canada and all other parts of the word which ultimately cause an upsurge in demand for captioning.

We have our subtitle in several languages like French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, English, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, Russian, Korean, and also in Baltic and Indian languages.

Subtitling Process

Step 1: Subtitles Translation

Based on the complexity of the translation and the number of languages used, occasionally more than one translator partakes in the translation process. The translation is carried out by professional translators or interpreters with expertise in the audiovisual translation like film and television.

Step 2: Subtitles Shortening

Also, this step will see the translator(s) carry out analysis and evaluation of the words or expression to be retained in regards to the best summary of the statement altered.

Step 3: Creation of the Subtitles in the Desired Format

  • SubRip (.srt)
  • MicroDVD (.txt/.sub)
  • SubStation Alpha (.ssa)
  • SubViewer2 (.sub)
  • VobSub (.sub/.idx)
  • Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass)

We have the expertise to produce the subtitle in your desired font color, style (italics, bold, transparent), and font size. We can also insert a logo on the screen if you want it.

Step 4: Quality Control

We provide manual proofreading service for completed subtitles and carefully eliminate any errors identified to ensure a perfect subtitle service.

Example of a Video with Chinese Subtitles

Here is a sample of an English video that we subtitled in Chinese.

Video with translated Chinese subtitles


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