Dubbing/voice-over services in Singapore


For any types of videos such as commercials, adverts, movies, training videos, shows, online videos, applications, etc. We provide dubbing and voiceover service in Singapore in many languages by engaging our professional translators and voice artists who deliver works using native languages only to our customers in Singapore.

Dubbing involves recording dialogue, script or narration in another language apart from the original language of the speaker, usually for localization purposes. This can be achieved via substituting the speaker’s voice for someone else’s voice in another language or by adding an off-camera voice in another language (voice-over).


Our dubbing/voice-over services are available for every language, such as Arabic, Japanese, etc.

We offer dubbing/voiceover services in languages such as Portuguese, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, and Japanese.

Our dubbing/voiceover as developed by our team involves three essential steps:


Step 1: Content Translation

the targeted language taking note of time constraints. The step sees the translator analyzing and evaluating the expressions and decides which content is to be retained or eliminated in respect to the target audience.

Step 2: Creating the Audio File in the Desired Format

The second step involves recording the audio in the desired format (mp3, WAV, etc.)

Our team works entirely with professional voice artists and actors that produce

Step 3: Quality control

On the completion of audio file recording, the editor painstakingly watches the video once more to enhance the sound quality and ensure that the sound was perfectly synchronized. The audio file is then played along with the images to effect any necessary adjustments and discover any errors to be eliminated.

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