Rates and Turnaround Times translation


Our rates vary according to the language requested by our clients, the volume, and the level of difficulty of the text to be translated (technical, vocabulary, etc.)

  • Our translation rates range from S$0.16 to S$0.23 per source word.
  • For technical translation, the cost, in general, is calculated in based on the number of words to be translated.

Prices Language-layer

  • Our revision rate is within S$0.04 to S$0.09 per word.
  • Our interpretation rates according to the languages, subject, type of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive or whispered), and range from S$500 to 1000 per day. For specific language combinations, we can reach an agreement on an hourly rate of S$50 to S$100.
  • We calculate our page layout (DTP) rates per page. We consider the number of pages involved and also the complexity of the language used. Our rate starts from S$6 per page.

For quality assurance, we ensure that the professional translators selected only handle translations in the native languages. With three years professional work experience and post-secondary credentials, all our translations are proofread by professional translators or revisers. You can count on us for quality delivery, robust and perfect translation.

Our professional translators are members of translation associations and have their translations certified by Immigration Canada, Canadian and American universities (translations of diplomas or transcripts), and many other Canadian administrations.

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Turnaround Times

The time purported allocated time to each translation service is 24 hours per 1,500 – 2,000 words. However, the time frame is also dependent on the translation field and the availability of our translators in such areas.

For certified translations, the turnaround time is usually longer as the translated documents are mailed to the clients because they are subjected to verification after which our professional translators stamp it as confirmation. We allow 2-3 business days to cover the time used for mailing. However, Xpress Post (24-48 hours) can be employed to shorten the delivery time.

We can handle page layout of pages 5-10 within a day based on the complexity of the layout.


Feel free to contact us if you want to request a free quote or for any inquiries on your translation, revision, localization, interpretation or page layout. Kindly attach your document, and we will respond to you within an hour for further details.


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